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Non-Surgical Treatments for Arthritis

Living with hip and knee arthritis can be a challenge, with stiffness and pain that impede daily activities. For those seeking relief, surgery isn’t always the first or preferred option. At DFW Orthopedics, a range of non-surgical management options are offered, providing effective alternatives to help manage symptoms and improve joint function. These treatments, which include bracing, viscosupplementation, steroid injections, and physical therapy, offer a reprieve from discomfort and can notably enhance the quality of life for those affected by arthritis.

Effective Non-Surgical Treatments for Arthritis

When exploring non-surgical approaches to managing hip and knee arthritis, DFW Orthopedics focuses on treatments that are less invasive and aim to alleviate pain, improve your overall mobility, and slow the progression of the condition.

  • Bracing: Utilizing braces to stabilize and offload the affected joint, reducing pain and enhancing mobility.
  • Viscosupplementation: Injecting hyaluronic acid into the joint to provide lubrication and potentially reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Steroid Injections: Administering corticosteroids directly into the joint to decrease inflammation and offer rapid pain relief.
  • Physical Therapy: Engaging in targeted exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joint, improve flexibility, and reduce overall discomfort.

Understanding the Treatment Process

  • Patients opting for non-surgical treatment at DFW Orthopedics can anticipate a thorough approach:
  • Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation to diagnose the severity of arthritis and then determine the most appropriate treatment.
  • Treatment Plan: A personalized plan that may combine one or more non-surgical methods tailored to the patient’s specific needs.
  • Monitoring: Ongoing assessment of the patient’s response to treatment, with adjustments made as necessary to ensure optimal results.

The focus at DFW Orthopedics is not only on relieving symptoms but also on providing education and support to help patients manage their arthritis effectively in the long term.

Commitment to Patient Care

The team at DFW Orthopedics are dedicated to offering the highest standard of care. They understand the impact of hip and knee arthritis on a patient’s life and are committed to employing their extensive expertise to assist each patient. The non-surgical management options are a testament to the clinic’s dedication to innovative and individualized patient care, ensuring everyone who walks through their doors receives the attention and treatment necessary to lead a more comfortable and active life.

For those who are navigating the challenges of hip and knee arthritis, DFW Orthopedics at 1545 E Southlake Blvd Suite 280 in Southlake, TX, is here to support you every step of the way. To discuss how non-surgical treatments can be a part of your arthritis management plan, please call 817-332-7867. Embrace a proactive approach to your joint health and get in touch with DFW Orthopedics, where the goal is to help you move freely and live fully without the need for surgery.

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